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Create your own Taming Tigers goal plan and put an inspirational video coach in your pocket – 24/7.

The brilliant, new, free Taming Tigers App is available from both the iTunes and Play stores. Act boldly – sign up today!

Please note this app supports Apple iOS 7 and Android Jellybean upwards.
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Guided process to set and record an elite performer’s Goal Plan
Record and measure your Rule 9 Performance “The Basics and Disciplines”
Unique “I’ve Hit The Wall” function to support and inspire in times of difficulty
Free 40-minute audio introduction to the Ten Rules
Coaching and encouragement to help you see the goal through to victory
Coaching and deadline notifications direct to your phone (customised by you)
Coaching on how top performers apply a different mindset to set and work towards their goals
Over 30 Free Coaching and Ten Rule videos taking you through every step
Over 40 further coaching videos available to purchase

Keynotes with Lasting Impact

The App can be used to increase the value of Jim’s appearance at your event.

Delegates can create goals, based on the conference aims, which can be shared on the screen anonymously at the end of Jim’s session and entered into the Goal Planner in the App for action post event.

Within 24 hours of the event, the App will be updated with the Keynote that Jim delivered to listen again. The App also contains videos explaining each of the Ten Rules that Jim will speak about.

Watch exclusive content from the Taming Tigers App now:

An Introduction to the Taming Tigers App

How to Use the Goal Planner

I Don’t have Time! Top Ten Time Lessons for us all.

(This video is an example of the extra coaching videos that can be purchased within the App if you wish)