“Across the world, I find people now expect change and deliver it fast: but only when they have the skills to do so.”

Jim Lawless

Leading Motivational Speaker, Author

Bold Change: Fast

How to change our activities to deliver new results is a core professional skill in our age of disruption.

Ownership, self-awareness, vulnerability, action in the face of uncertainty, collaboration, courage and emotional intelligence are all parts of this new skill.

Working with one of the world’s leading motivational speakers, you can teach your people the basics of the skill of change in an exciting, liberating hour.

Jim will inspire and empower your team to plan and commit to major strategy-supporting changes in just three hours.


Jim Lawless is one of the world’s leading motivational speakers and a pioneer in the fields of change and performance shift. He has inspired and empowered over half a million people on five continents.

What differentiates him, besides having proven his highly effective methodology personally, is his immense personal 1-1 connectivity with people in audiences of all sizes.

He brings passion, energy, interactivity and amusing elements to the stage creating an engagement that transforms mindsets with ease.


Author of the bestselling ‘Taming Tigers’ (Random House), Jim has taught the skill of change in Fortune 500 companies, Olympic and Paralympic teams, business schools and government for two decades.

In Taming Tigers Jim elaborates on how to use his highly practical rules to overcome your fears and do things you never thought you could – in both your professional and private life. Reinforced with case studies and Jim’s experience of grabbing his own Tiger by the tail!


Your people’s ability to deliver a fast, agile, courageous response to disruption (whether you’re making it or responding to it) is mission critical.

Successful teams create the clarity, cohesion and consistency to deliver bold change at pace. To do that, a new mindset and infrastructure must be consciously constructed by its members.

Jim’s unique team coaching process and the team contract it produces have enabled senior teams around the world to build that mindset and infrastructure and deliver the transformation.


Jim Lawless is one of the world’s leading motivational speakers, a pioneer in the fields of change and performance shift and author of the bestselling ‘Taming Tigers’ (Random House).